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Scholarship for Future Doctors

The Dr. Samuel Bride Scholarship for Medical Students was formed to provide scholarship funding to individuals who are in school en route to studying medicine. Dr. Bride understands the challenging road that medical students have ahead of them when concerning both their studies and their finances, and because of this he would like to give back however he can to the next generation of doctors.

Who is it for?

The Dr. Samuel Bride Scholarship for Medical Students is open to any university students that are located in the United States with the strong desire to attend medical school and go on to become doctors. Further, this scholarship is also available to any high school students who plan on attending a university and with the intentions of becoming a medical student. Dr. Bride is aware of the burden put on students who know that they will have many years of schooling ahead of them along their journey to becoming a doctor, and this is why he has chosen to reward a star student $1,000 for their tuition.


Dr. Samuel Bride

dr samuel bride

New York, NY Medical Doctor

Dr. Samuel Bride is a physician, husband, father, and a tennis enthusiast. He earned his BA in 1995 and then his MD in 2006. Today, Dr. Bride is the Medical Director of UMD Urgent Care located in Long Island City, New York where he has worked since 2015. Further, he is incredibly passionate about doing volunteer work.


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Dr. Bride understands from first hand experience that there will be a highly difficult road ahead for many medical students. With years of experience to look back on, his desire now is to give back to our future generation of doctors with this scholarship fund. Qualified students are hereby encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to earn scholarship funding. To get started, just visit our application page where you can see all the details on how to apply and enter our essay contest which is where we choose the winner.

Earn Towards Your Education

Dr. Samuel Bride is highly aware how the rising costs of education, especially for medical school, are putting a large amount of pressure on students that are studying to become doctors. Because of this, Dr. Bride wants to give an opportunity to a dedicated student with this $1,000 scholarship award. Through this scholarship fund, Brian would like to raise awareness of the financial struggles faced by students completing the many years of medical school on the long road to a career in medicine, and along the way to help out one of our future medical leaders in the United States.


Learn More About The Dr Samuel Bride Scholarship

If you would like any more information regarding the scholarship or if you have any questions, please reach out using the form found on the contact page and someone will respond back to you right away. To any universities or organizations that are looking to help out with the scholarship, we welcome you to reach out as well and see how you can get involved. We want to wish good luck to all of our students with the contest and on your journey to becoming our next generation of doctors!


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